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PSS (Phoenix Software Simulations) - разработчик платных дополнений к авиасимулятору Microsoft Flight Simulator. Сейчас модели этой компании можно приобрести в интернет-магазине Just Flight.

Закрытие компании

В начале 2008 года руководство компании сообщило о своем закрытии и прекращении официальной поддержки пользователей их продукции в связи с рядом финансовых и личных проблем. Однако сын Грэхема Уотерфильда (Graham Waterfield), бывшего владельца компании, сразу же заявил, что намерен основать новую компанию с сохранением авторских прав, прав на интеллектуальную собственность и базы клиентов от компании, прекратившей свое существование.

Оригинал послания

In an attempt to halt the current speculation surrounding Phoenix Simulation Software, the closure of their web site and the lack of response to support 
and emails, I would like to make public the following statements.


That the Company and web site have ceased trading.
PSS have experienced severe difficulties both of a personal and financial level that unfortunately at this time cannot be remedied. The financial
difficulties are mainly caused by the individuals who preferred to use sites like pirate bay instead of paying to support the growth and continuation of 
PSS and then clogging up our forums with technical support queries for products you don't actually own , You know who you are! As a result of this
former CEO Graham Waterfield has been left with no alternative but the closure of the company and early retirement.
However, I Antony Waterfield son of Graham along with an investment consortium are in the process of establishing a new company and acquiring the rights,
intellectual property & existing customer base from PSS in order that we may keep the company alive and progress it to a higher level. This will include
but is not limited to the following:

- Improved more user friendly web site/ product catalogue. 
- Improved technical support sytem including knowledge base and ticketing. 
- Upgrade existing products to FSX where possible. 
- Development of further Expansion products for Fs2004/FSX 

In the mean time a limited version of the former PSS web site system will be available shortly so existing customers can gain access to previously
purchased products and we are taking steps to reintroduce a basic temporary technical support system.
I would like to personally thank the Avsim staff, Tom Allensworth, Robert Kirkland along with John Room, Rob Elliot, Ben Jones etc. for their continued
effort supporting the users of PSS products in the forums during this outage.

Antony Waterfield



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  • 777 -200LR -200LRF -300ER



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