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General Aviation Traffic

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а вот на лежит такая штука:

GA-Traffic BETA release 1


файл -



+ Generate GA traffic for every installed airport of the whole FS2004 world at once

+ Full automatic detection of installed planes and airports

+ Simulate different GA traffic behavior

+ 'Virtual landing fees' unique algorithm to avoid GA traffic generation on busy commercial airports

+ Amphibian planes used only near seaports

+ Amount of plane usage selectable for every livery

+ Different plane usage (Taxi, Business, Rental, Student, Club and Private) selectable for every livery

+ Unique 'Make AI' function to reduce the texture size of addon planes to hold the Frames per second up.

+ Proofed Aircraft files for correct AI flying behavior

+ Integrated TTools from Lee Swordy, no need to manual generate the traffic files.



кто-нибудь пробовал?


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пока то да се, вышел релиз этого чуда. Качаю с



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