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Vhhx ?

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Никто не подскажет VHHX - старый Int. аэропорт Гонг Конга, окончательно прикрыли? Я вроде слышал что его собирались использовать под B-jet'ы и региональные рейсы. Почему спрашиваю - трафика бы туда хотелось.


Жаль, если с концами прикрыли, интересный порт. Заход - просто нечто.



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см. сюда





AircraftTaken at

More: -

More: -

More: Hong Kong - Kai Tak International (HKG / VHHH) (closed)

More: China - Hong Kong, February 9, 2004



If only Kai Tak were still in operation! This photo was taken

from the ckeckerboard in the evening. Sadly Kai Tak has

undergone vast changes compared with that in the past (Photo

ID:482498 by Martin Oertle) - The runway has almost been

demolished. Part of it is for car parking and part is for sand

storage. Besides, the apron near Kowloon Bay is now used for

other purposes. In addition, tall buildings like the one at

the centre have been built near the airport. The earth keeps

rotating after all!

More: K.H. Ng

Contact K.H. Ng


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