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Клиент для отслеживания полетов Volanta от ORBX

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Обновлена до версии 1.6.

- Added playback controls for flights. Flights can now be "replayed" at various speeds on the Volanta map with the aid of an intuitive timeline-like interface, which can be repositioned within the window;
- Added the ability to filter the flights shown on the map;
- Improved icon for landing events;
- Replaced map settings panel with an improved design;
- Plugin updates are now fetched independently to client updates from the
Volanta update service, meaning we can now push plugin updates more frequently to fix user issues;
- Added the option to select between stable and experimental plugin release channels;
- Product recommendations now indicate whether there is a discount for Volanta Premium members;
- Product recommendations now appear highlighted on the map whilst in-flight;
- Improved the mechanism for downloading airport data from the server, reducing bandwidth and improving efficiency. This change also makes the necessary preparations for future development in this area;
- Dramatically reduced loading times for recommended products;
- Added a flag for when an airport is closed in the real world, which is shown on the airport card;
- The open/closed status of an airport is now taken into account when a destination is being automatically selected based on a landing;
- Added many new aircraft icons;
- Added many translations, including ones for Chinese (Traditional) and Romanian, with thanks to our translators. Want to help? Visit translate.volanta.app;
- Added local time, currency and country to the airport information card.

- FSS controller labels no longer collide with area controller labels.
It is now possible to select area controllers even when the labels are displayed in the same place as an approach controller radius ring;
- Controller tooltips are no longer shown when the controllers layer is not visible;
- Fixed an issue causing enroute controllers to no longer appear in the list of VATSIM controllers on the airport card;
- Approach controller radius rings now no longer flicker maniacally;
- Tooltips have been attached with stronger glue and no longer scroll with the rest of the app's content;
- Fixed an issue causing screenshot processing issues, preventing them from displaying on the map;
- Fixed an issue which prevented Premium membership state from being synced to OrbxDirect for some members.

Скачать Volanta можно с официального сайта в качестве отдельного приложения или воспользоваться web-версией

Мобильная версия приложения (работает только при наличии платной подписки):


Android. Хер. Ссылка не открывается. Потом дополню.

При отсутствии подписки или возможности ее оформить всегда можно зайти с телефона на мобильную версию сайта



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