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Navigraph полностью обновили интерфейс популярнейшего планировщика полетов Simbrief.

Помимо полностью переработанного интерфейса завезли темную тему, сделали более удобным планирование маршрута и получение информации о нем.

Полный список изменений:
- Interface adjusts to any screen size;
- Dark mode and large text options;
- New dashboard section featuring latest flights, news or updates, and support;
- Aircraft types and airframes have been split into separate options;
- Adding comments or notes when saving your flight;
- Ability to share your flight options with another user;
- Setting minimum weather criteria when searching for alternates;
- A dropdown list of suggested airports to each alternate airport input;
- NOTAMs and other general information to the airport weather pop-ups;
- Loadsheet section for more convenient access to various aircraft weights;
- Search for a flight or airframe using the provided search box;
- Additional airport details such as current weather and transition altitude;
- Additional airspace details such as ATC units and available cruising levels;
- New tool to search for routes between airports.

Обновленная версия уже доступна на сайте

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