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Tecnam P2006T, SR-71 Blackbird, Rutan Model-158 Pond Racer, Aeropro EuroFOX, Maule M-7-235B, Aeroprakt A22 от VSKYLABS

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VSKYLABS выпустили модель самолета Maule M-7-235B для X-Plane 12.

На старте версия 1.0 включает в себя два варианта модели - с 35-дйюмовыми колесами и поплавками. В ближайшем будущем линейка модели будет расширяться.

Приобрести модель можно здесь: https://store.x-plane.org/Maule-M-7-235B-Project-XP12_p_1617.html


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VSKYLABS выпустили крупное обновление для своей модели Maule M-7-235B.

Список изменений:
- Additional G1000 variant was added to the project;
- Analog cockpit received IFR instrumentation (RMI/CDI);
- Switchable landing gears were added (classic / 35" Bushwheels), can be switched during flight, incorporated in the flight dynamics (affecting ground handling and aircraft performance);
- Thorough flight model update to refine STOL performance and ground handling of the Maule M-7-235B aircraft. Includes landing gears modifications (physics and 3-d representation);
- Sunroof is now modeled into the aircraft;
- FMOD (sounds) update - new engine sounds.

Новый архив доступен в личном кабинете, старую версию необходимо удалить полностью. В дальнейшем обновление модели будет осуществляться с помощью SkunkCrafts Updater.

Приобрести модель (только X-Plane 12)

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Модель самолета Tecnam P2006T от VSKYLABS обновилась до версии 9.0.

Переработанные летная модель, текстуры, звуковой пакет FMOD и многое другое для полноценной совместимости с X-Plane 12.

Список изменений:
- Flight model validation, tune-up and modifications to fall in line with the latest X-Plane 12 flight model related features and nuances;
- Engines - Power rating gradient, fuel consumption, rates;
- New FMOD 2.0 sound package;
- Cockpit - All-new PBR textures to fall in line with X-Plane 12 latest lighting-engine features and nuances;
- Cockpit - Newly modeled and textured pilots and passengers seats;
- Cockpit - Newly modeled and textured fire extinguisher;
- Cockpit - Newly and improved various modeling;
- Cockpit - Modified and tuned interior lighting system;
- Propellers - Improved 3-d and textures;
- Improved prop-discs;
- Landing gears retraction animation now fits perfectly into the gear bays;
- Pitch trim gauge re-calibrated;
- Exteriors - All-new PBR normals, textures and paints;
- New default liveries;
- New v9.0 Paint-Kit.

Ссылка на модель в магазине


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VSKYLABS обновили свою модель Aeropro EuroFOX  до версии 8.0.

Список изменений:
- FDM - Physics and aircraft performance (all 3 variants):
- Aircraft drag update.
- Engine power update.
- Propeller design update.
- Fuel consumption update.
- Cruise performance update.
- Landing gears update, including suspention and ground handling characteristics.
- A240 - landing gears design update (new wheels, removed wheel-pants from the mains).
- A220 STOL - landing gears design update - new tundra-tires with updated physics.
- A220 STOL - LE slats performance update.



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Обновлён. Изменения

Flight dynamics model:
- Complete overhaul and performance verification;
- Rotax 912ULS engine tuneups (power, power gradients and fuel consumption);
- Update and tuneups for XP12 latest landing gears physics.

- Implemented the Alpha Systems AOA indicator.

- New FMOD 2.0 sound pack.

- Remodeled 3-d cockpit panel;
- Remodeled 3-d gauges bezels, compass case, AP case, yokes;
- Improved PBR and textures all-around, in and out;
- Remodeled 3-d landing gears;
- Paint-Kit update.

- Replaced 3-d checklist element (paper only, placed in a dedicated placeholder instead of being above the main panel).



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VSKYLABS выпустили обновленную модель необычного самолета Rutan Model-158 Pond Racer для X-Plane 12.

В v3.0 переработали полетную модель, обновили кокпит (частично переделали 3Д и текстуры), доработали PBR текстуры. Помимо этого модель предлагает неплохую проработку систем, FMOD звуковой пакет и многое другое.

Полный список особенностей обновленной версии:
- Fully Optimized for X-Plane 12;
- X-Plane 11 version still available as a bonus;
- VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot' project;
- Highly defined flight dynamics model of the Model-158;
- Highly defined PT6 turboprop engine simulation (PT6A-28) including its associated peripheral systems;
- Built around the powerful, native X-Plane's 'Experimental Flight Model' environment;
- In-depth systems simulation: Fully equipped aircraft with deep systems simulation (electrical, lighting and warning systems, comprehensive fuel system, fire protection, bleed air and pneumatic systems, ice protection systems, pressurization system, landing gears system, flight control, oxygen system, canopy system, auto-feathering and auto-ignition systems and more);
- 3D Heads-up Display;
- VR (Virtual Reality) Ready;
- Multi-Layer FMOD sound pack;
- 50-pages, comprehensive, illustrated Pilot Operations Manual, including checklists;
- Skunkcraft Updater. Project updates are fast and efficient;
- Included Paint-Kit;
- Highly responsive VSKYLABS support forums.



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