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Volanta от ORBX

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Популярный клиент для отслеживания полетов Volanta от ORBX получил обновление до версии 1.4.

Теперь клиент можно использовать не только через браузер или приложение на ПК, но и на мобильных устройствах iOS и Android, через мобильное приложение Volanta. Но с одной оговоркой -  данная фича доступна только пользователям с премиум-подпиской.

Так же стоит отметить возможность вывода фирменного оверлея для стримеров, интеграция Navigraph Charts, новые расписания, источником которых теперь является ресурс FlightAware и многое другое.

Официальный сайт

Список изменений:
- Switched data providers for schedules to FlightAware;
- Added a Navigraph Charts slideout panel;
- Added a stream overlay with varying themes, and custom theme for premium users;
- Released Android & iOS companion apps for premium users;
- Flights page no longer auto-zooms and pans as a result of user feedback;
- Added more language translations;
- Added links to official Volanta support and Discord to the settings page;
- Added a setting to disable plugin install notifications;
- Added scenery scan caching to improve load times for some users experiencing freezing and stuttering on startup;
- Added display of runway numbers in the SimBrief OFP panel, no more scrolling down to find them;
- Added the ability to add your own flights to the roster;
- Improved the design of Volanta's Discord rich presence, now showing the simulator in use and a link to view the flight;
- Fixed aircraft icon for the users own flight not always updating on the map;
- Fixed a bug with scanning local save files which could also lead to performance problems on startup;
- Fixed roster flight line sometimes being stuck on the map;
- Fixed roster flights not being removed from the map when a roster flight is deleted;
- Fixed rare cases of flight saves not being saved when the aircraft title couldn't be detected;
- Fixed modals being too wide in Firefox;
- Fixed orientation of text in panels based on language (Chinese, Japanese and Korean are no longer inverted);
- Updated Electron version with security updates and other dependencies;
- Improved resilience of connection to our real-time update socket service with better retry and queueing of messages.


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