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§6.01 Scope of Article, Definitions


B. Definitions: As used in this Code of Regulations:

9. “VATSIM.net network” is defined as any of the computers joined together which comprise the physical VATSIM.net network as well as any additional computers which are utilized in any way by VATSIM.net members for communicating via text or voice for purposes of engaging in simulated air traffic control and/or flight simulation purposes including computers which host the official VATSIM.net internet forum and newsgroup and which are used by members of VATSIM.net and others for engaging in public discussions.


§6.02 Complying with the Terms of the User Agreement, Code of Conduct and the Code of Regulations


Members of VATSIM must at all times comply with the terms of the VATSIM.net User Agreement, Code of Conduct and Code of Regulations. These documents are made public at the VATSIM.net website located at http://www.vatsim.net. These documents may, from time to time, be updated, modified and/or otherwise revised by the VATSIM.net Board of Governors. Any such update, modification and/or revision shall be made public at the VATSIM.net website. It is the responsibility of all members to read and comply with the terms of these documents, including any updates, modifications and/or revisions. By logging on to VATSIM.net, a member is agreeing to have read in their entirety all such documents and is further agreeing to all of the terms contained therein. Failure to comply with the terms of these documents may result in a member’s removal, temporary suspension, formal suspension, administrative removal or permanent expulsion from VATSIM.net.





1. Use of VATSIM Services


1.1 While using VATSIM Services, you may engage in online game play, conferences, mailing lists, chats, and downloads. Your activity in conferences, mailing lists, and chats are subject to review, modification, and deletion, without notice, by authorized VATSIM personnel. ***



4. Use of VATSIM Services, Mailing Lists, Chat Rooms and Other Communications Venues


4.1 You are responsible for the communications you make while using the services provided by VATSIM. It is required that all users of VATSIM refrain and not engage in any of the following activities:

A. The publishing, posting, distribution, use or dissemination of defamatory, infringing, obscene, vulgar, profane, or other unlawful material or information;

B. The use of VATSIM services to threaten, harass, abuse, intimidate, or stalk others to otherwise violate their legal rights, including rights of privacy and publicity;

C. The use of VATSIM services in any manner other than as an individual user. No individual or entity is permitted to resell or make any commercial use of the VATSIM network.


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