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EGLL - London Heathrow от Origami Studio

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Origami Studio выпустили сценарий EGLL - London Heathrow.

Ключевые функции:
- Custom made Terminals, including Terminal 5 with 3D interior effect, and Terminals 4, 3 and 2;
- Custom static ground vehicles;
- Custom ground markings and taxi signage;
- Aggressive optimisation including model LODs and texture compression;
- X-Plane 12 tailored weather maps, see rain, snow and ice accumulate correctly;
- SAM Jetway integration with custom sound.

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Обновился сценарий аэропорта EGLL - London Heathrow от Origami Studio до версии 1.1.

Обновление доступно только для X-Plane 12, версия для X-Plane 11 осталась без изменений.

Официальный changelog:
- Mototok added to BetterPushback;
- VDGS preperations (animations are figured out, it's just defining aircraft positions, which should be next update);
- Dumb billboards on T2 fixed;
- Fixed texture flickering on jetways;
- fixed floating hoses on jetways;
- We no longer cheat with apron-flood spills, should originate from a light source. This should prep them for volumnetric lights;
- Spill lights adjusted for new XP exposure;
- Radius of spill lights increased (This is expected to cause an FPS decrease);
- Mercury light size reduced;
- Removed some of the T5 Glass transparency hacks (This does mean clouds won't be able to render behind glass. In return, this improves artefacts, reflections, lighting and performance);
- Construction crew ordered off Taxiway K (Stands 234 and 235 have insufficient data, and are blocked off untill I can obtain more info);
- Better lighting on cargo area;
- Concrete now has normals;
- Added missing radar.

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