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World Traffic v3 от CJS

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Обновился еще один плагин для траффика - World Traffic v3 от CJS до версии 3.5.2.

Добавили поддержку X-Plane 12 + небольшие улучшения.

Список изменений:
- Fix problem with push-back tractors not appearing;
- Added more animation to push-back tractor and make it turn around corners (turn logic is hard! if anyone knows the math to deal with it all, let me know);
- Don't spawn planes on runway for airports with no taxi networks if the user is close to the runway threshold;
- Check that user's plane is always detected when on final if not using ATC and that AI planes don't takeoff in front of the user while landing;
- Fix problem with high-speed taxiing planes not slowing down soon enough and running into aircraft in front of them;

Известные проблемы в X-Plane 12:
- No sounds exist for AI aircraft. I'm currently making the switch to FMOD so watch for that;
- Aircraft lighting has changed in XP12 so many aircraft logo lights are inoperable and taxi/landing lights are way too bright. I'll be building a batch aircraft convertor into WT to fix all of the aircraft.

Инструкция по обновлению здесь:https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/274446-wt-352-update-for-all-operating-systems-for-x-plane-11-and-x-plane-12-and-the-mega-aircraft-update/

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