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Aibus A340-600 от ToLiSS

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Aibus A340-600 от ToLiSS обновился до версии 1.1.2

Небольшие добавления:
- ECAM action processing reworked to include overflow management and correct order of clearing items;
- Added Weight & Balance page to EFB (besides Avitab);
- Added Radio Navigation and transponder failures, including associated ECAM caution messages and PFD/ND flags.

- Corrected the bulk cargo door animation;
- Improvement of the engine_running flag for better interfacing with 3rd party addons;
- Syncing of the N2 value from our custom engine model for better interfacing with 3rd party addons;
- Improved SID/STAR scrolling on departure and arrival MCDU pages.

Самолет поддерживает X-Plane 12.


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Toliss продолжают исправлять свои ошибки (что не может не радовать) и выпустили обновление для A340-600 до версии 1.1.3.
Обновление небольшое, но приносит некоторые исправления для стабильности работы в обоих версиях симулятора.

Особенности обновления:
- Enabled use of airports with new runway surface types in XP12 (e.g. KSFO, KLAX, KJFK etc);
- Fixed update of total payload weight when changing passengers via the IACP;
- Fixed an issue with resettable FCC faults;
- Reduced how much the fuselage seams show in XP12 with the default and Airbus house liveries;
- Fixed issues with the particle effects;
- Retuned FBW pitch law for XP12 flight physics;
- Improved reverser response time after touch-down;
- Adapted altimeter readings to new XP12 atmospheric model;
- Improved A/THR speed hold parameters to reduce thrust oscillations in gusty conditions;
- Fixed overlap between Approach indicator and TRUE label on ND;
- Brought particle effects in XP11 back.

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Posted (edited)

Вышел новый саунпак бесплатный к сабжу, люди хвалят, мне понравился хз как оно в настоящем, но по мне так освежает модельку.

Установка проста скачать и поместить в папку фмод самолета.

A340 Fmod Remix | Full Overhaul of Soundscape - Custom Sounds - X-Plane.Org Forum


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Ливрейка от меня для любителей вымышленых бортов) так же в архиве мои правки по кокпиту в тех местах текстурных где явный косяк был от разраба

Aeroflot A340-600 (fictional) - Toliss - X-Plane.Org Forum

Скрытый текст







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ToLiSS обновили свою модель Airbus A340-600 до версии 1.1.3, добавили EFB и CPDLC, плюс другие исправление и улучшения.

Важные новые особенности:
- EFB TO performance calculator for detailled TO performance calculation considering Anti Ice, Packs, etc;
- EFB LDG performance calculator including METAR retrieval (X-plane 11 and X-plane 12 built-in weather) for user-selectable airport;
- EFB interactive checklist page with user-customizable checklists via xml files;
- CPDLC integration based on the Hoppie network;
- Native M1 support on Mac OS.

Незначительные новые особенности:
- Added icing model to our custom engine model;
- Added option to always use the simbrief wind data for wind requests (independent of x-plane WX setting);
- Texture improvements;
- Added pilot models in external view.

- Fixed chocks logic for start with engines running;
- Improved anti-ice operation in XP12;
- Selecting an RNP value of 0.3NM or less with an RNAV approach will make it an RNP-AR approach;
- Improved glide slope capture behaviour;
- Improvements to Direct To function with abeam points;
- Fixed decals on rear doors;
- Fixed kink in passenger window frame on left side of mid fuselage.

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