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Boeing 787 от Magknight.

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Вышла версия 1.8.0 модели самолета Boeing 787 от Magknight.

Список изменений достаточно большой, добавлена модификация 787-8 с собственной полетной моделью, новыми двигателями и обновленным звуковым пакетом, помимо этого вся линейка обзавелась новыми страницами в CDU, кастомным навигационным дисплеем (ND) и многим другим.

Список изменений выглядит так:

New 787-8, with:
- EFB performance calculations;
- New flightmodel;
- New GE3 engines including independent mapping;
- Updated FMOD soundpack.

Added new CDU pages
- Added NAV RAD and POS INIT/REF CDU pages;
- Custom IRS/AHRU simulation;
- Added CDU button highlights;
- Added CDU help box;
- Added custom nav radio simulation;
- Added new CDU graphics.

Brand new custom ND:
- Added custom PFD minimap, including TCAS;
- Added DU startup sequence;
- Added MFD screen popups;
- Added ND/minimap turn rate indicator;
- Added new custom moveable ND, including, terrain, weather and TCAS views;
- Added PFD ADF visuals;
- Changed MFD keyboard entry to not require focused components;
- Increased ND max range to 1280nm.

Optional avitab:
- Added optional avitab (required avitab plugin);
- Tablet shown on left and right cockpit sides, and is rotatable.

- Added @cajunjosh cockpit hotspot to vrconfig;
- Added custom wiper simulation;
- Added ENG FUEL PRESS L,R eicas messages;
- Added FUEL CONTROL commands;
- Added N1 prediction arcs;
- Added new mono typefaces;
- Added optimum and maximum altitude calculations to EFB;
- Added yaw-roll linkage;
- Fixed next waypoint time;
- Fixed NWS sensitivity changes at 80kts;
- Fixed overhead panel button typefaces;
- Improved cockpit textures to be brighter;
- Improved keyboard entry to MFD displays;
- Improved PFD artificial horizon colours;
- MFD position reverts to default on double tap;
- Reduced the size of some textures to save vram;
- Removed dependency on GNS430 navdata;
- Removed glass from legacy liveries;
- Removed inactivity unlimited fuel;
- Updated SASL to 3.14.5.

Новость предоставлена https://vk.com/thearmchairpilotsclub


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