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  1. привет Antoha154b1: Edgar is working in one massive update, i made few little changes (persoanlly, not official), but need to test a little bit more. Десять великий день Anchor: You are my hero!! thank you for the skins. Best regards.
  2. Anchor: Thank you!! Большое спасибо, хорошая "шкурка"!!!
  3. Hi Anchor, thank you by the new skins. Really found this picture on internet, but photos not, so sorry.
  4. Hi all: Thank you very much by your patience. I have one curiosity, a lot of africans company used before the IL-62 and IL-62M and never see one of them in the repaints... Ex: TAAG, GAMBIA, MOZAMBIQUE, EGYPT (ALIM AIR)... Few pictures of the africans:
  5. Hi momentum: Thank you by the model. Could be possible to get one version without the guns? (Last MD version for FS9) Best regards and thank you very mucho.
  6. Hi all, The update of the IL-18 is one old file I had forgotten to upload before. The work in the model is near to continue, in the future IL-62 with NK-8, IL-62 cargo version and correction in the Panel of AP. sorry the delay. best regards.
  7. DA!.. yes, but we are little paused, the father of edgar passed away and we are on pause with every thing few days. Sorry my delayed answer.
  8. Hi Samara63: Thanks to th painters we have 32 repaints of the model, by the moment. Hopping in the futures new repaints like CSA, Interflug, Tarom and many other (Gambia and others africans). Best regards Qbano100
  9. Hi everybody, sorry, stayed out of frequency by minors problems. Edgar Guinart new email: edgar.guinart@aeronav.avianet.cu best regards Qbano100
  10. From Edgar Ginart: JAJAJAJA… se fijan en todo !!!!… Claro que no es Mely, es el personaje del GTA3 Vice City!!! Resulta que cuando yo comencé a ponerle caritas a los muñecos de mis aviones busqué un rostro que estuviera acomodado para aplicar de forma cilíndrica e incidentalmente lo encontré en las texturas del personaje principal del GTA, uno de mis juegos favoritos, cuya textura estaba suelta, supongo que para que cada cual la modificara a su gusto… La cosa cuajó tan bien, con pequeños ajustes, que la seguí usando por años, incluso cuando decidí comenzar a cambiar las caras usé la misma textura como base… En aviones grandes como el IL62M aún quedan de esos mulaticos en activo! J Si quieres publica esta historia de mi parte en el sitio del tipo que lo descubrió y dale las gracias por traerme tan gratos y añejos recuerdos J Gracias a ti mi herma… Abrazos edgar Best Regard PS: Sorry because is in spanish.
  11. jajajajaja Anchor, you are the thoughtful man :lol: :D :D best regard
  12. Antonha154b1 Spasivo!!! Working on it... Dasvidania.
  13. Priviet Antoha154b1: 1,- In revision 2.- Corrected with update 11 3.- In revision, we are seeking more information about. Best regard
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