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  1. v1.2 -Included UFMC (Custom FMC) support-Included support for 3rd party RealityXP GTN750 in 3D cockpit-Fixed windshield reflections (no more "ghosting" of taxi lines or exterior reflections)-Improved ASI bug manipulator logic-Reconfigured positions of instrument displays for better use of panel texture space-Created click spot on weather radar screen for 2D pop-up window.-Improvements to TMS: Pressing an active mode or TOGA button will return TMS to standby and freeze actuators in place-Improved TMS actuator simulation: blue up-arrows and white down-arrows will correctly show whether the pilot needs to increase or decrease throttles-TMS actuators will now remain centered when the thrust levers are at idle-TMS actuators movement rate is no longer dependent on frame rate-Fixed engines #3 and #4 low oil temperature in flight after a cold-and-dark start-Added custom commands for the throttle latches, eg. "thranda/switches/ThrottleLatch0"-Improved yaw damper control authority-Changed pulsating beacon to flashing beacon-Improved Engine Overspeed test: If N1 is between 26 and 40%, this will shut down the engine. This can be reset by either re-starting the engine, or powering down the ESS DC bus.-Fixed missing FUEL TRANSFER annunciators. They will now properly indicate the center tank transfer valve positions.-Add missing altitude alert tones-Fixed ghosting markers on clock-Re-mapped TOGA button on throttles-Oxygen test now requires oxygen valve to be open.-Added Ground Power Unit model.-Fixed potential negative values for airbrake angle when cold and dark with a tail wind.-Added limiters to the fuel clickspots in the tablet to prevent over-filling.-Reduced fuel flow at idle-Fixed transponder code resetting to previous value if ENT key was pressed after entering the code-Fixed interior of combi cargo version (Left Door closed from the inside)-Fixed TMS error when adjusting TGT temp in TGT mode.-Allowing for volume adjustments on vol knobs that are pushed in
  2. https://store.x-plane.org/Boeing-747-200-Classic_p_1491.html Релиз
  3. X-Plane Next Generation Forestry Preview
  4. Я спросил про FMC и получил такой ответ "Yep, Lots of new stuff and improved items"
  5. Добавят, https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/2566-inisimulations-a300-600rf-project-update-whats-coming/
  6. -500 https://captainsim.net/products/y345/y375/
  7. Ждать осталось недолго
  8. Aeroflot (3 варианта) S7 Сибирь Алмаз-Саха
  9. PREPAR3D V5.2 Релиз https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2021/06/120786/
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