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  1. я настраивал только через СП,
  2. My project collapsed on "servisnij pribor" . Can not set properly the joys axes in SP, because I have another 5 input devices and win 10 putting the joysticks sequences randomly. For the progress I must leave the switches nonfunctioning, and use only 2 input devices with that saitej joke and rudder pedals. So it needs completly leave the SP and reprogram it to use fsx axes directly.
  3. Maybe in the future. At this time I preparing it for tu-144 (the switch locations, autopilot. and so on.).
  4. Konsni. Please one help I need. I have put the gauge altimeter in feet to the 2D panel on captain side, but it is not functioning. It is working in virtual cockpit, but not in 2D cockpit. Gauge name, which I put there, is: gauge21=Tu144!Uvid_F, 876,598,153,186. Thanks for help. By.
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