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  1. "LOAD" loads the last saved aircraft state. Saving is done automatically when you use the "Flight" -> "Save" menu.
  2. The stabilizer trim can also be adjusted with the "1" and "2" keys on the keyboard. But this was implemented by SCS and not by me. I only made the switch on the Shift+8 pop-up panel.
  3. Regarding the brakes: I use a different program logic to make the brakes "fail", because toggling the "Failure" mode for the brakes was too unreliable. The autopilot always fulfilled my expectations in pitch hold, course hold, Map Angle hold and ILS autoland modes. Is the only difference between my last package and Konstantin's/Aleksei's release the crew sound and briefing/checklist gauge?
  4. Changes compared to last modification package from May 5th: - Your beacon effects - Button for "cold and dark" cockpit - 2D panel with all relevant navigation instruments
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6K_xiE2GqmMRHB6TGNrUUZGdnc/view?usp=sharing Complete version. - One repaint - No crew sounds - No english manual
  6. http://library.avsim.net/-> search: "Interflug Heiko"
  7. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=interflug+heiko&CatID=root&Go=Search
  8. It worked for me, but I do not fly SID departures and STAR approaches.
  9. NAS-1 and NCalc? Yes, I know how to use them. But I do not use RSBN for navigation and landing, only VOR and NDB. What I do is: - Create a flight plan in FSX - Load the flight plan into NCalc - Calculate Map Angles and distances - Load the flight plan into FSX GPS (to check during the flight) - Fly the flight, using AP+ANU mode for the autopilot
  10. I like the Tu-134 because... ...glass nose. ...and Interflug. ...and it is easy to fly. No, I do not fly the Tu-154. Too large, too complicated and Interflug did not use it regularly. Yes, the light animation is because of the Concorde animation.
  11. Aleksei: There is a fix for the fuel pump sounds that does not require overwriting the fuel_pump.wav files. See page 9 and 10 here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B-GNQdZwDj-N7mhsr9FvDklksX94BhsZ1cCEgfZ6G7Q/edit# Excellent work! Spasibo!
  12. Ilyushin62M and me are working on an english language manual. When the manual is done, I am considering combining the FSX release and all my updates and the english manual into a single package. (There will be no installer, only .zip. But everything will be there.) The autopilot logic is not standard because it needs to work with RSBN stations. Smoothairplane movement with that logic is hard to implement, so it is best to handle the autopilot carefully. I have tried ILS autolandings and they always worked well, from glideslope capture to the 30m limit.
  13. A link to KAI31's alternate beacon light effects can now be found in the documents. (Chapter 5 "Further Modifications", then "Alternate Beacon Lights")
  14. If you have problems with the electricity, see if the light pointed out in this post: http://www.avsim.su/forum/topic/134791-%D1%82%D1%83-134-fsx/page-29#entry2938008 is illuminated. If it is, try the button I've pointed out in my document. If the electricity still fails, install the "alternators fix" from my document. P.S: Здравствуйте, Алексей!
  15. документ, страница 9, первый изображение. кнопка связывать электрический система. (The knob pointed out in the image on page 9 of the document connects the electrical system. Will fix loss of electrical power.) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LgF2KWc1IrFpyr0W9C-5wuPu0Ki0nxijZ0jHOf_8y0g/edit?pli=1
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