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The chronicle of 2010

Хроника за 2010 год

Взято с




In the very end 2009 a major event happened. The sites name was changed from the swedish-related to Flightradar24, and in the same way english became the official language. This was a huge step in our way to become a more international site and is probably one of the major reason why the site expanded the way it did during 2010.



Lots of new radars were established during 2010 and the coverage above Europe overall has increased massively. Spain, France and Italy e.g. that all were uncovered in the end of 2009 is now well covered and the site have received lots of fans in these countries. During the year we've also installed receivers at e.g. Gran Canaria, in Malta and in Vilnius, Lithuania, where Mike from our crew had a great time on the roof with no gloves on in -15 °C B)



The coverage has also increased around the earth and with individuals connecting to Flightradar24, we now have coverage in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, United Arab Emirates, Australia and some other places around the earth. We really appreciate all you guys around the globe that on free basis helps us increasing and improve our coverage. You mean everything to us!



In April, the biggest happening of them all during 2010 took place. We're of course talking about the ash cloud that caused chaos in the European airspace. Flightradar24 had in April 20th almost 1,2 million unique visitors, compare to 28 000 in April 13th. The site also received attention in the international press. Both Sky News and CNN broadcasted Flightradar24 live and Al-Jazeera called us via Skype when they were on air.


This caused chaos not only in the air but also in our servers that broke through several times during the eruption. Obviously, people finds it more interesting with a empty airspace instead of an airspace full of planes. :)



One big thing here in Sweden was in September when a pakistanian Boeing 777 from Toronto to Karachi was a victim of an anonymous bomb threat and had to make an emergency landing in Stockholm. Later on, it was discovered that the bomb threat came from a jealous women in Canada who wanted avenge on her husband.



Other major happenings during the year was the spanish ATC-strike in December that caused problems for airports in Spain and of course..



...the snowy airspace around Europe which cancelled lots of flights around Christmas especially at Heahtrow in London.



During the year we've also launched our iOS and Android-applications which allows you to have Flightradar24 in your pocket. Later on the applications were equiped with Augmented Reality Mode which made it possible to see the planes through the camera of your cell phone.



Now we are also in our way to release v2 which officially will be released in just a couple of days. It can already now be seen at



2010 has simply been a great year for the site and we hope 2011 will turn out in the same way as the previous year did. Here is a picture of the coverage as it is right now. How do you think this map will look in January 2012?



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