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There's only two scenery files I could find online for ORSU, one is outdated and the other is incorrect. I decided to make my own scenery using ADE, SBX, and Paint.NET.
Charts are included (with the exception of SID for 31) and are official, directly from Sulaimaniyah Int'l Airport's website.
All taxiways, aprons, building locations, and parking, are accurate and realistic. This scenery was made for P3Dv4+ and can be used on VATSIM.

Name: Sulaimaniyah Int'l Airport
Country, region: Iraq, Kurdistan
→ Размер: 23 MB
→ Дата: 4 месяца назад (12.05.2021 18:03)
→ Автор: User454 (T.M.)
→ Прислал: User454 (прислал 1 файл )
→ Разрешил модератор: Lenya69
→ Лицензия: Freeware - Бесплатная версия, с ограничениями в распространении
→ Скачан: 39 раз