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Twin Pioneer 9N-RF6.zip/texture.9N-RF6/twin pin 5.dds 03.01.2011 03:23 1 MB
Twin Pioneer 9N-RF6.zip/texture.9N-RF6/twin pin 6.dds 03.01.2011 03:23 256 KB
Twin Pioneer 9N-RF6.zip/texture.9N-RF6/twin pin 7.dds 01.01.2011 23:27 1 MB
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Итого: 27 MB
Перекраска для FSX Acceleration Роба Ричардсона Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer. 9N-RF6 c / n 521 был первым из трех самолетов, представленных Ее Британским Величеством королевскому рейсу короля Непала. Три самолета были доставлены в июле 1965 года. Перекрасил Питер Уоткинс.
Скопируйте папку с текстурой в папку «Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer» в папке «Самолеты» SimObjects и скопируйте текст ниже в файл cfg aircaft, заменив'xx 'на следующий номер в последовательности.
title=Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 9N-RF6
sim=Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer
ui_manufacturer=Scottish Aviation
ui_type=Twin Pioneer
description=Powered by two Alvis Leonides 531 radial engines, the Twin Pioneer was a high-wing cabin monoplane with a triple fin and rudder assembly and fixed tailwheel undercarriage. The prototype Twin Pioneer, registered G-ANTP, first flew at Prestwick Airport on 25 June 1955. Flight trials proved that the aircraft had a very short landing run and the aircraft was displayed at the September 1955 Society of British Aircraft Constructors Show at Farnborough.
Three pre-production aircraft were built for trials, and sales and demonstrations.
In 1958, the 33rd aircraft was used as a prototype for the Series 2 with Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340 radial engines which had been ordered by Philippine Air Lines. A Series 3 aircraft was also developed to use the improved Alvis Leonides 531 radial engine
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→ Дата: 4 месяца назад (07.02.2019 12:25)
→ Автор: Adam McEnroe
→ Прислал: UWGG-2020 (прислал 1 файл )
→ Разрешил модератор: megakor
→ Лицензия: Freeware - Бесплатная версия, распространение не ограничено
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