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(c) SG-Flightware
Michael Sagner
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AI Traffic manager with optional voice output

AISmooth will reduce the number of go-arounds of AI traffic at your airport drastically.

Version 1.20:

Patched to work with FS X (requires FSUIPC 4.xx)

Version 1.11a:

Auto-expanding airport database with 13,000+ airports included
Optional voice output for ATC instructions (needs Microsoft Speech Engine (standard in Windows(TM) XP))


The program consists of two files, AISmooth.exe and AISmooth_RO.db, which can be copied into any directory on the harddrive. 
It is good practice to place it into the “Modules” folder under the main Flight Simulator installation path.
Please make sure both files are copied into the same directory.

Start AISmooth separately from Flight Simulator. 
It is best to do this before Flight Simulator is started, 
but it is also possible to start AISmooth while the simulator is running.

AISmooth will not change anything in your Flight Simulator installation. 
It does not read or write any files other than its database files. 
If your AI traffic should screw up while using AISmooth, 
simply stop AISmooth or don’t start it any more next time, 
and everything will be like it used to be before you started it 
(if you only stop AISmooth while it is controlling aircraft without shutting down Flight Simulator, 
of course these aircraft may act in a strange way, but this will last only a few minutes).

For further instructions, see the enclosed PDF file.



AISmooth V2 is being developed right now.

Features will be:

* Generic support for FS X (will not need FSUIPC)
* lateral separation of enroute traffic as well as landing traffic
* altitude separation in holding patterns

Check for AISmooth V2 in the first December days                   2006, that is.

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