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New addition to New York, World Trade Center to improve your flying experience. Its based on google photos, custom textures and personal experience. It might not be 100% accurate in details on the ground level, but it was made to be as close as possible to the real World Trade Center. Let's use this mod in good manner without abusing the World Trade Center. I also hope this scenery mod will serve as a reminder and as a nice addition to refresh the look of New York in your simulator.
→ Размер: 11 MB
→ Дата: 2 года назад (24.12.2021 08:04)
→ Автор:
→ Прислал: SimPilot1998 (прислал 1 файл )
→ Разрешил модератор: Ляпучка
→ Лицензия: Freeware - Бесплатная версия, с ограничениями в распространении
→ Скачан: 71 раз